Natural Gas Community

Why Homes Are Better with Natural Gas

  1. Natural gas for heating, water heating, and cooking saves up to 52% in energy costs – that’s up to $541 every year! 
  2. Six percent higher home resale value according to National Association of Homebuilders. That’s another $18,000 in immediate value on a $300,000 home vs. an electric-only home.
  3. The best GREEN HOME - 46% less carbon emissions than an electric-only home. 
  4. No more worry about storms – natural gas water heating, cooking, and logs work even when the electricity is out.
  5. More than 80% of the natural gas consumed in the U.S. is produced domestically. 
  6. Gas water heaters provide much more hot water than electric water heaters so no more cold showers.
  7. Gas heat is up to 25 degrees warmer than a standard electric heat pump with no shivering “cold blow!”
  8. Gas logs provide instant warmth — no more messy wood or cleaning ashes - and they only cost $0.25-$0.50 per hour to operate. 
  9. Get precise control for better tasting food and that professional high-end look with gas cooking.
  10. Easy outdoor grilling with no propane tanks to refill - never run out of gas again.
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